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Frequently Asked Questions

Chat and Presence with Zoiper3

Chat and Presence

To use IM and presence your SIP server / provider must support it as well.
Zoiper uses SIP "MESSAGE" messages for the chat session handling under SIP SIMPLE.

IM and presence are supported for SIP only.

IM and presence are BIZ features and they are not available in Zoiper Free.


Run Zoiper, open Settings -> Preferences, then go to Accounts and Select your account.

Go to the Advanced tab and enable Publish presence and Subscribe presence.

To be able to see the status of the contacts you will need to edit them and enter the correct presence IDs in their details.

Select the Contacts tab from the main Zoiper interface, then select the contact, click More -> Edit .

Usually the presence id is what you dial to call this contact, but it may vary according to the server setup.
Presence id most probably is : <user>, _not_ <user@server>
You will also need to select which account to be used for presence for this contact.



Zoiper could be used to send SMS messages through SIP SIMPLE, but only if your voip provider supports it.

Contact your voip provider for more assistance.