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Frequently Asked Questions

Moving a license to a new device

For desktop licensing:


Licensing of Zoiper for Desktop is done on a per device basis. Moving the license to a different PC or Mac is only allowed in case of hardware failure(for Zoiper3). Since Zoiper5, there is no-longer any limit on the number of resets allowed. This is due to the fact that these are completely different platforms with various operating systems.


Please login on the Zoiper website on the top right with the username and password provided to you by email when you purchased the licenses. 


The subject for the email is: Zoiper Biz version purchase

The sender for the email is:


If you no longer find or have the license email, you can request a new password for the email address you used during the registration here.


Once logged in, you can reset the license for the broken PC or Mac and free it for use on a new device. The license reset is limited to 3 times. If you require more resets for a legitimate reason, please contact us on


For mobile devices:

please follow the steps in this tutorial: