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Smart and Private Communication with Zoiper 5 Desktop (and Mobile) Softphone

The softphone pioneer Zoiper releases a new intuitive secure communications app, combining the best from webRTC and SIP

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Zoiper emerged from VoIP’s popularity in 2003, becoming practically one of the first VoIP communication apps.

To date, Zoiper is preferred by over 10 million organic fans on the desktop and mobile platforms. The number of indirect OEM consumers, looming from Zoiper’s white label business partners, adds some tens of millions more users.

The all new Zoiper 5 PRO features voice, video, messaging, contact sync and privacy settings, and can be obtained on the Zoiper website.

The softphone is loaded with extra functionality for both personal and professional use, ultimately filling the gap between traditional telephones and social communication apps.

Zoiper is service-independent, giving that extra freedom to pick suited VoIP service providers and PBX, and maintain legitimate levels of privacy and security.

The Zoiper softphone team partners with thousands of providers around the world, to deliver a selection of tested and approved pre-configured service options directly through the app’s interface.

Built on a robust standards-based VoIP SDK, Zoiper is essentially a BYOD OTT piece, transforming devices and platforms into powerful communication gear.

The new Zoiper 5 desktop softphone is yet our team’s most capacious Zoiper product to date.

Joachim Vanheuverzwijn, CEO/CTO at Zoiper

We dedicated most resources to merging the latest webRTC trends with the stable core architecture of the previous Zoiper products. We also invested substantially in UX and contact integration particularly.

Mira Georgieva, SOP Advisor at Zoiper

The new Zoiper 5 PRO desktop softphone for Windows, macOS and Linux, integrates contacts from Outlook, LDAP, Google contacts, Windows and macOS contacts, and enables advanced calling from third-party applications such as browsers, email clients, call center software, and other web-based solutions.

Zoiper teams up with large mobile operators too, justifying the end of the service war between mobile operators and VoIP providers. To meet the imminent evolution in communication behavior and merciless demand for features suiting these changes, mobile operators are rapidly moving to VoLTE and RCS standards, and to delivering BYOD solutions (desktop as well).

Features, specific for the software client or the operator’s service individually, are now standardized within Zoiper – preconditions, MSRP group chat and file transfer, SMS over IP.

The Zoiper team continues to deploy VoLTE solutions with large mobile operators, successfully validating Zoiper’s interoperability with large-scale implementations.

Zoiper’s centralized provisioning additionally facilitates massive deployments, completely eliminating manual configuration and the burden from users and teams supporting them.

User experience has always been a valid concern with client-side communication applications. The new Zoiper 5 is exclusively optimized for flawless user experience, introducing automatic account creation and simplified interface navigation.

Zoiper 5 delivers communication capabilities to both novice and advanced users, and comes in Free and PRO options, both bulked with functionality.

The Zoiper 5 Free product has just the right amount of features for rookies and some extra perks to get users hooked to the enhanced features they get with the paid PRO product.

For professional use, Zoiper 5 PRO is genetically modified for productivity, with websockets API(coming soon), to integrate with web-based CRM and to execute external actions on specified call events. For example, much like AI, Zoiper can be instructed to open a browser or to call a REST API when an incoming call switches to an answered state.

Aside from pumping communication steroids to hardware and software, Zoiper is also a trusted business custom solutions enabler and an SDK base for service providers, ITSP, operators, call centers, PBX providers and integrators.

About Zoiper

Zoiper is a service-independent softphone app available in Free and PRO versions on the desktop – Windows, macOS, Linux and mobile platforms – iOS, Android, Windows Phone. The Zoiper team delivers custom development solutions, white label and SDK specifically packed for ITSPs, operators, PBX, VoIP and VoLTE providers, call centers, and integrators

Aside from pumping communication steroids to hardware and software, Zoiper is also a trusted business custom solutions enabler and an SDK base for service providers, ITSP, operators, call centers, PBX providers and integrators.

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