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Add voice, instant messaging and video to your websites, mobile apps and desktop programs.


Embed our VoIP stack inside your application.

This is the SDK we use to make our own softphones on all platforms. We offer the lowest latency and highest quality while ensuring the lowest battery usage on the market. Feel free to download any of our free softphones to make your own comparison and confirm our superiority. No need for hardcoded settings per device, we autodetect the best settings for your device.

Available for Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, Windows Phone 8. (more upon request)

Flexible licensing options available, per user or unlimited.

Zoiper Biz and API

High level COM API to control our softphone from any Windows application.

Ideal for embedding in call center environments, CRM, ERP or contact management software.

With Zoiper Biz and Zoiper Biz API you can:

  • Define default actions for incoming calls
  • Execute scripts or programs on call events (hang up, answer, etc.)
  • Use COM objects to control Zoiper from another (Windows) application
  • Use the callto: protocol to launch Zoiper from HTML
  • Change the skin and functionality to your liking* Complement (or replace) the existing user interface to simplify or extend the functionality to match your needs
  • Configure/provision Zoiper directly from your application

No setup fees, one standard business license
per user is all you need.

WEB JavaScript API

  • Embed a softphone in your browser, or make your own web based interface. Works with: Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera.
  • Adds VoIP and video to your web based CRM, ERP, intranet or customer portal in minutes.
  • Licensing per domain, 1 license for an unlimited number of end-users.