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Frequently Asked Questions

How to activate Zoiper 5 PRO and common activation errors

On first start of Zoiper 5, you get a screen where you have a few options - Activate or Continue as a Free user.



If you click Activate, you will be presented with the Activation screen, where you can enter your Username and Password:



If you have clicked Continue as a Free user at any point and Zoiper 5 has been started, you can still activate, by going to Settings > and click on the Activate PRO:



When you click Activate PRO you will see the same Activation screen as above. Enter again Username and Password and activate Zoiper 5!


Activation errors:

 "Request Timeout" →  This error indicates that firewall or proxy is blocking the connection towards our licensing server. You would need to whitelist the following IP: on port 443 (or


"Forbidden" → You may see this error if firewall is blocking the connection towards our licensing server ( on port 443), or when Zoiper(the user account) does not have suffcient permissions to write the 'certificate' file under:








 Zoiper5 needs to sync the locally stored certificate file with our licensing server at least once each 7 days.

Usually the syncing happens during startup or once per 24 hours.

If the syncing fails the locally stored certificate will expire and you will see pop-up error notifying you.

To reactivate, simply provide internet access towards our licesning server and fill in your activation credentials.