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Frequently Asked Questions

Why does Zoiper needs those permissions ?


This is a list with all the permissions we require and why we need them. Please note that with the exception of in-app purchases, none of the available information is transmitted to our servers.



"In-app purchases" - Zoiper has some extra functionality that can be enabled with an in-app purchase
"Device & app history" - This one is used to create/read crash reports and dump it so we can process afterwards.
"Identity" - result of "In-app purchases". To make in-app purchases you need to get the accounts on the device. Also email for crashes and feedback.
"Contacts" - For reading the native contacts
"Phone" - reading call logs and "Dialer Integration".
"Photos/Media/Files" - Writing call recordings and debug logs. (As well as writing files for the file transfer functionality).
"Camera" - QR code scanner / video calls.
"Microphone" - To make audio calls
"Wi-Fi connection information" - used to determine if WiFi is available and use it for connectivity, or disable accounts if "WiFi" is de-selected in "Supported networks".
"Device ID & call information" - Used to get phone number for "Number rewriting" and to determine if a call is active and put the SIP call on hold when there is an incoming GSM call. 

For Zoiper 2 BETA there is one additional permission - "Location" . This is used for formatting the contact numbers and will be removed in future versions of zoiper 2



"Contacts": to read the native iOS contact list

"Microphone": To make audio calls

"Camera": QR code scanning and video calls