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Softphones for callcenters and contact centers

Setup and integrity

relief for the administrators

  • Limit the number of simultaneous lines
  • Integrate seamlessly with Call Center software, CRM software, billing solutions
  • No vendor lock-in, compatible with industry standards
  • Control the phone through an external API
  • Central configuration with provisioning
  • Disable parts of the GUI or functionality for certain users
  • Mass-install for larger setups
  • Integration with your website

Productivity enhancers

happy agents and supervisors and great relief for the budget

  • Click-to-dial
  • URL or application opening on a phone event
  • Call recording with custom recording names
  • Auto-answer, Auto-popup
  • Short-keys control
  • Pick up by clicking a button on the headset - Support for HID compliant headsets
  • Call blending - unlimited amount of accounts with different lines and ability to support different customers simultaneously
  • Custom ringtones for the different accounts
  • Disable ringing on incoming call or ring through a separate audio device
  • (Attended) call transfer
  • Call forward and Call transfer
  • Contact history
  • Voice conferencing
  • Video conversations
  • Chat and Instant Messaging
  • Simplified interface

Security and encryption

privacy is a virtue
(Especially for your remote workers)

  • Encryption support
  • Support for external VPN clients
  • Encryption of the calls with TLS, SRTP (SIP)
  • ZRTP (coming soon)