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Looking for something including video, chat?
Download Zoiper 5

  • Mobile

  • Zoiper 1 for Android

  • Zoiper 1 for Windows Phone 8.1

  • Desktop: Zoiper Classic

  • Linux

  • Mac

  • Windows

  • Desktop: Zoiper 3

  • Linux

  • Mac

  • Windows

  • Browser: Zoiper Web

  • Zoiper WEB

  • Web API Documentation

  • Web Installation Guide

  • JavaScript and HTML examples

Looking for something including video, chat?
Download Zoiper 5


Zoiper Web is a webphone designed to seamlessly integrate into your website and web solutions. It is fully-compliant with Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Opera on Windows.

Licensed per domain-name Zoiper Web allows unlimited concurrent calls and unlimited number of users. Zoiper Web comes with a smart user-friendly interface or with no interface at all.

Zoiper Web is the first SIP and IAX web-based softphone. Zoiper adds basic and advanced communication features to any web application or website making Zoiper the right choice for any business willing to benefit from VoIP.

Zoiper Web does not require desktop application installations - it automatically detects the client-side browser and installs the appropriate plugin.

With Zoiper Web’s powerful API you can:

  • Rapidly integrate and deploy your own web-based softphone into your web applications and website
  • Customize Zoiper Web’s functionality to your needs
  • Provision Zoiper Web

NPAPI support is no longer active on Google Chrome.

More downloads

You can also obtain Zoiper Web here (unlicensed) and test the Zoiper Web API.

Zoiper Web pack includes:

  • Active-X and NPAPI plugins in order to seamlessly run on the most popular browsers
  • Powerful API for customization of the functionality, provisioning (pre-configuration), and smooth integration with your website and web solutions
  • JavaScript and HTML examples
  • Unlimited concurrent calls and unlimited users
  • Updates for three months

The brand new Zoiper 5 is out NOW!

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