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Frequently Asked Questions

Third party HID plugins in Zoiper5

About this feature:

Third party HID plugin is a feature developed by Zoiper Team to allow trusted third party HID providers access to the Zoiper HID Plugin API.

Note that this is different than the native HID integration, which we have incorporated by building Zoiper with SDK's from Jabra, Plantronics (Poly) and Sennheiser.


Current HID providers using this feature:

This feature is supported by Yealink and FreeVoice.

To use this PRO feature you need to:

  • Make sure you have the PRO version of Zoiper5
  • Make sure that your device is from our partner manufacturers
  • Download the partner's plugin/ application from their respective website
  • Install it, following the instructions which typically come bundled with the plug-in
  • RestŠ°rt Zoiper5
  • Enable the plugin by pressing "Enable" in the "New Plugin Found" pop-up, which will be presented to you.
    You're able to change this setting in Settings -> HID integrations -> Third party plugins

Partner HID providers additional information:

  • Yealink: You can find Yealink's headset compatibility center here. Choose Zoiper5 soft phone and follow the instructions for your headset type.
  • FreeVoice: To use your FreeVoice headset you must download and install the FreeVoice UC-Manager.


Are you a manufacturer looking for HID integration with Zoiper5?

If you are and you want to be Zoiper partner, you can check our plugin configuration and plug-in signing  documentation.
 For more information, please contact us.