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Create a profile in Zoiper OEM

A step-by-step guide on how to create a profile on Zoiper OEM platform



  1. you can list for free your services to our VoIP provider directory
  2. your company will appear in the Zoiper apps for users who do not have a VoIP account, hence you might get some more customers for your services

you can use for FREE Zoiper QR code provisioning tool to generate QR codes for users, hence to easily setup for them VoIP accounts on mobile devices

STEP 1: Visit
STEP 2: Click on Free Signup on Starter Kit FREE

STEP 3: Sign up via email address or phone number and choose a password.

STEP 4: After you registered check your email to confirm your registration, as ITSP in the OEM platform.

STEP 5: You must click on the one-off confirmation link and you will be logged automatically in the OEM platform.

STEP 6: Fill in your profile by providing the following information:

First name
Last name
Company name
Telephone number
ZIP/Postal code

and click on UPDATE. See screenshot for example:

A warning will appear claiming that your provider details need updating. Click on the blue letters UPDATE NOW.

STEP 7: Fill in your provider info as follows, by respecting the required sizes and image formats:

Logo: Width should be 200 pixels or less. Height should be 70 pixels or less. Allowed image type is jpg.

Provider Icon: Width should be exactly 152 pixels. Height should be exactly 152 pixels. Allowed image type is png.

Provider name:

URL for rates: this field is Mandatory

URL for sign up: this field is Mandatory

Reciprocal URL: this field is Mandatory (a page, not necessarily on home page) on your website which links back to

Zoiper logo: Select and copy code above and put into your web page
Support email
Sales email
Support phone number
Sales phone number

and click UPDATE. See the screenshot for example:

This is how it should look after updating:

STEP 8: Update your desktop and mobile server settings configuration. ZoiPer users get automatically configured by only selecting your service from the list or by scanning your QR code, which simplifies this process to its best.

See the provider’s softphone section on the OEM platform:

Configure options for ZoiPer Desktop that you must fill in:

Drag and drop respective codec to prioritize as per your server configuration.

Configure options for ZoiPer Mobile that you must fill in:

Follow the instructions and generate QR code for your users. Where to find QR code scanner in Zoiper.

Zoiper for iOS


Zoiper for Android:

STEP 9: Make sure to contact us by email at or via our contact form on so that we could get your profile verified for approval.

STEP 10: If you have met all the requirements, you ITSP profile should be ready for approval.

Illustrative profile on your provider listing will look on different Zoiper applications



Zoiper for iOS:

Zoiper for Android: