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Access call recordings

You can access your call recording files by using the file manager app on your Android device.


Samsung – Samsung My Files

Huawei – Files

Xiaomi - Mi File Manager

Google Pixel - Files


Alternatives: Total Commander


These are located in: Internal Storage in the folder /zoiper/CallRecordings

Version differences.
Users with Zoiper Lite version up to 2.15.7 can access their Call Recordings, located at


Version 2.16.5 and newer, Call Recordings are located in


NOTE: Keep in mind that you can make a backup of your current Call Recordings if you are on version 2.16.5 and want to keep these after Uninstall.

Due to Google Android 10 API level 29 changes - described here -

your Call Recordings will be removed if you Uninstall the application.