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Frequently Asked Questions

Is my Zoiper infected with a virus ?

All versions of Zoiper are scanned for viruses before we upload them to our website, Google Play, iTunes or the Windows Store.

For your safety, please download Zoiper from these reputable sources only.


Is your anti-virus program reporting a virus in Zoiper?

The most likely reason is a temporary issue with the anti-virus scanner causing a false positive. 

You can verify if this is the case by uploading Zoiper or copy pasting the download URL on our website to

If the vast majority of the virus scanners does not report an issue, the problem will be with the anti virus scanner.

If the majority of the virus scanners does detect an issue, please make sure you downloaded Zoiper from our website or one of the official download stores.


Possible solutions:

1) Report the problem to your anti-virus company and wait for them to put Zoiper on their whitelist.

They usually fix the problem with in a few business days. 

2) Temporarily disable your anti-virus scanner or put Zoiper on the ignore list.