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Zoiper does not respond to answer or hang commands(buttons) from Jabra headset

The most common cases where Zoiper will not respond to clicks on your headsets answer or hang buttons are:


1. The Jabra HID option is Zoiper5 is not enabled. 

    - To enable the HID option, simply navigate to Zoiper's settings, then locate the "HID Integration" menu, make sure that the "Use Jabra HID" option is enabled.


2. You are using Jabra Direct. 

    - The Jabra Direct software is a control centre provided by Jabra to configure some settings on your headset and to allow integration with certain softphones. Zoiper however uses different implementation of the HID SDK from Jabra, which does not require the Jabra Direct software and actually may lead to a conflict. 

If you have the Jabra Direct software running and Zoiper does not react to your button clicks on the headset, simply turn off (shut-down) the Jabra Direct software.