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Encryption and your legal obligations

Last update: 9th of February, 2022


To ensure secure communication, Zoiper and its derived Customized Products include encryption functionality. This is a superb feature! But when you want to distribute your branded app(s) that include it, you need to comply with local laws in certain countries. For instance, the US and France have specific laws about the use of encryption.

The official app stores are the fastest way to distribute your app(s). Although our team develops your mobile softphone app, you have to complete the approval process on third-party platforms (Apple’s App Store, Google’s Play Store, Microsoft Store, etc.).

Failing to do so, or failing to comply with the respective legal requirements, may prevent the publication of your app(s) or get them removed from the respective app store.


Some useful links

Legislation concerning technology changes rapidly. Also, third-party platforms may change and move information on their websites. It is your obligation to consult your legal department and make sure you are complying with the most accurate and up-to-date legal information. With this in mind, we still hope the following links can be helpful to you.

Here is where your research could start if you plan on distributing your app(s) in:

  • The USA:

  • France:

For other countries, it is best to consult with your legal team.

Regarding particular app store requirements, you may check these references:

  • For the Apple App store, visit this link.
  • For the Google Play Store, click here


Technical Questions

Do you have technical questions about encryption and your customized app(s)?

Do not hesitate to contact us!


Please note that the information in this article is provided only for your convenience and as an example. You bear full responsibility for compliance with any legislative requirements that may be applicable to you and your activities, including those of any country other than France and the USA.