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Frequently Asked Questions

Zoiper service

What is Zoiper Service?

Zoiper Service is a free demo SIP based service. Zoiper Service is only available in Zoiper 3.

It is provided as is and should not be used in production environment.

What is supported?

Zoiper Service supports voice calls, video* calls, presence and messaging.
*Video is supported only for Windows
Avatars and file transfer are not supported.


It is available only for Zoiper Service Users
Zoiper Service is capable of calling other Zoiper Service users, it can not call other SIP accounts / landlines or mobiles.

How to obtain a Zoiper Service account?

Zoiper service account is not automatically created upon Zoiper BIZ purchase, thus entering your Zoiper Biz activation credentials or your SIP account credentials in the Zoiper Service account credentials field will not work.
Zoiper service uses separate set of credentials. To use it you will need to sign up for the Zoiper service by using the Settings -> Zoiper p2p service menu.