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Frequently Asked Questions

Use iCloud contacts with Zoiper 5

You may use your iCloud Contacts in ZoiperH5. To do that you will need to do the following:

  1.  Sync your iCloud contacts with your Mac AddressBook. To do that you would need to do the following
    • Open System Preferences on you Mac machine;
    • Go to iCloud;
    • Login to your iCloud account;
    • Once logged in select that you would like to sync your Contacts.
  2. Enable the "Mac AddressBook Service" in ZoiperH5. You have two ways to do that:
    1. Allow ZoiperH5 to access the Mac AddressBook, which will enable "Mac AddressBook Service" by default;
    2. To enable the "Mac AddressBook Service" manually by using the next steps:
      • Open the Settings menu of Zoiper;
      • Select Contacts;
      • Choose Mac AddressBook Service;
      • Check the Enable checkbox.
      • Now you should be able to see your iCloud contacts in ZoiperH5.