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Zoiper for iOS

No compromises. Empower mobile users with all favorite features.

Excellent Audio and Video calls, Transfer and Conference functionalities paired with easy navigation, give any user the necessary tools for everyday tasks.

Baked with our own Zoiper iOS SDK, the app is built with efficiency in mind, making battery use as little as possible thanks to an improved background app activity.

Zoiper for iOS is a SIP and IAX VoIP softphone real communications app

  • Requires iOS 7+
  • Runs on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch

Available for:


Intuitive and familiar user interface ensures your full focus is on the phone. No clutter, no ads, no banners, no unnecessary and unintuitive functions and options.

Additionally, you always could send and receive text messages over the SIP SIMPLE protocol, see who’s online with Presence functionality and even have a face to face video calls!

Pure phone. All the time.

The ultimate phone for road warriors

Softphone power in your pocket, wherever you are.

You already have an extremely capable smartphone with you, that has 100x the processing power of a classic deskphone. It also comes with high-end display, all necessary communication modules and a touch screen interface.

Why not take full advantage of
all phone features in your pocket?
Now you can, with Zoiper for iOS!


Be sure that your audio, video calls and messages are secured 24/7. TLS ensures that your communications are being secured all the way from your softphone to the other side.

  • Best in class calls encryption from end to end through SRTP (SDES).
  • Support for ZRTP, the latest and greatest encryption protocol.

Audio & Video

Don’t ever skip an important business call or a visual meeting!

High definition Audio and Video calls, directly in the palm of your hands, no matter if you are in the office, or on the road.

Most popular audio codecs, options to turn these on/off, or set a priority, give mobile users flexibility regardless of their geographical or network location.

Empower your employees with our whitelabel custom solutions and raise your company’s portfolio even more!

*all calls over 3G, 4G, LTE and WiFi