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Zoiper 5

User-friendly interface, HD audio & video, IM and more

Zoiper 5 is the newest of our softphone collection for Windows, macOS and Linux.
No more tedious manual configurations, now with automated wizards for audio, video and accounts.

  • contacts integration
  • presence
  • call conference
  • call transfer
  • encryption

Available for:

UX design

Zoiper 5 offers a vastly improved user experience with its new, familiar and intuitive interface. The traditionally painstaking configuration has been simplified with our auto probing configuration wizard.

Drag and drop calls and contacts to transfer calls or combine them into a conference. It's that easy.


All your contacts in one interface!

Do you have lots of contacts from various sources and databases? No need to worry, with our newest phone, you can look and pull contacts and display these in a combined Contacts list for easy access.

Zoiper's flexible settings options allows you to choose which contact sources to see in your Contacts list. Maybe you don't necessarily need all your personal contacts while at the office? Switch that source off, and you are good to go!

Zoiper can load and search your contacts on the fly from these places:

  • Outlook 2007, 2010 and 2013 (32 and 64 bit versions)
  • Windows contacts
  • Mac address book
  • External LDAP server
  • Outlook or Exchange clients
  • Google contacts
  • Import your contacts from an external CSV file


Sometimes audio calls aren't enough.

Whenever be the case - either a business online meeting, an interview, or you simply want to see your friends, family or colleagues - Zoiper 5 is here for the job! Our newest softphone now offers HD video calls with up to six participants! Simply make sure that your video capture device (e.g. webcam) is connected to your computer and start making Video calls right away!

*Zoiper 5 offers video conferencing with up to 6 participants!

Supported video codecs: *

Zoiper 5 supports H.264 and VP8 video codecs for high-definition video calls. Simple, but useful settings allows you to either lower your video quality down, or crank it up to a higher resolution!

*Available only in Zoiper 5 PRO.

Click 2 Dial

The Click 2 dial add-on will convert the phone numbers on the webpages opened in your browser to clickable links. Clicking on such a link will start Zoiper and it'll dial that number.

Note - Numbers must be written with the following syntax in mind:
  • 20-333-140
  • +(1)-415-906-5157
  • +35220 333 140
  • +(1)415 906 5157
  • +35220333140
  • +1415 906 5157 / +35220 333 140


With the increasing popularity of internet use and the ever-expanding user base, online security is one of the most important aspects of our daily lives. Nobody likes to be monitored 24/7, everyone values their privacy the most.

Zoiper 5 PRO offers end-to-end military grade encryption with the standardized TLS, SRTP and ZRTP protocols.

Zoiper secures your communications over Voice, Video and Chat.

Audio and video codecs

It'll be hard not to find the right one!

Several codecs are available for both audio and video calls in Zoiper 5. The softphone relies on a plethora of codecs, some providing HD quality and requiring high internet bandwidth while others help you out in situations where the internet connectivity is unstable.

Required bandwidth

What bandwidth is required depends on what audio codec is used.

Example audio codec requirements (sending and receiving):






24 Kbps

48 Kbps

6 Kbps

8 Kbps

13 Kbps

Number rewriting

Did you ever find yourself entering phone numbers manually because the numbers in your contact list contain brackets, dots, spaces and even a mixture of national and international formatting?

Our softphones can normalize phone numbers on the fly before sending them to your PBX or VoIP provider.


Digital. Built-in. Easy to use.

Out of the office, or away on a vacation? Those important projects for your clients or collaborations with your colleagues can't wait!
If your office PBX or service provider supports voicemail, then you are just a few clicks away from using it in Zoiper 5! Setup your voicemail extension, and hear back all those important messages that you have.

Call forwarding

Out of the office or on a vacation?
No problem, now clients and colleagues can reach you on your number, even if you're out of the country.
To forward a call, you must choose a forward target. Forward calls instantly or set a timeframe between 1 to 600 seconds.

Auto answer

Working in a Call center? Help desk? Your clients need to contact you immediately! Use the auto-answer feature so you don't ever miss a call. You can either set Zoiper 5 to instantly auto-answer, or set an offset time (1-600 seconds).

Instant Messaging

Texting is a swift and fun way to have a chat with your colleagues, friends and family. Enjoy the power of emoticons, sending and receiving SIP and SMS messages right within Zoiper 5!

Lockdown and Provisioning

Are you tired of manually configuring your account? Do you feel uneasy that your business is expanding fast, and you don't have time for all those manual configurations?!

Now you can make it easy for your employees, clients and yourself! Zoiper 5 comes with a built-in Lockdown & Provisioning feature. Configure your office PBX or service provided, enter username and password, and have your phone configured from the start of the application.

Unlimited event rule handling

With Zoiper's option of Event Rules you can assign various functions to different situations. For example you can open a URL or a program on an incoming or outgoing call. You can also set actions depending on: answer, hang up, ringing and then make Zoiper switch to your application or web browser. Additional options: caller number, name, DNID or an account.

*Event Rules let you execute external programs at different stages (ringing, answer, hang up) of the call flow. Use the "open URL" event during an incoming call to automatically open the customer details in your favorite CRM or use the REST API to log calls, source and destination numbers and the duration in the background.

*For more in-depth look at this feature please go to our F.A.Q. page here.

Voicemail message waiting indicator (MWI)

Enabling this option allows Zoiper to be listening for voicemail indicators depending on the server. Depending on your setup and configuration, you have the following options:

  • before registration (for use with Asterisk servers)
  • after registration (for use with CISCO systems)
  • both

Advanced TLS Options
for the power user!

Override domain name - enables the manual input field below, which then forces Zoiper 5 to identify itself with this domain name when accepting incoming TLS connections.

Load domain certificate - allows you to point to a domain certificate and key pair in PEM or PKCS#12 format. If it's in PKCS#12 format it can contain additional CA certificate store. This certificate will be used when accepting incoming TLS connections.

Productivity & Call center features

It's a busy day at the office. You've got a few meetings, but the phone keeps ringing. You can't let your clients wait, but your colleague(s) can't take care of them for you.

With Zoiper 5 PRO you can now directly forward incoming calls to another number or extension.

In a scenario where you are required to pick up calls immediately? No issue. Turn on the Incoming call handling option and set an instant auto answer, or a delayed auto answer for your calls.

Additional audio features

Available for your everyday use of the phone

Mute early media (outgoing calls)

Talking on the phone constantly? Probably you're going a little nuts over the annoying ringback tones that you hear every single time when you make a call? You don't have to anymore.

Ring when talking (incoming calls)

Imagine the same situation, instead of calling out though you get multiple incoming calls all the time. Phone keeps ringing while you are in call? Countless ring-rings chiming in your ears? Yikes!

*Use Zoiper's Ring when talking option in the settings to stop this simply annoying phone feature.

Ring through PC speaker & ringing device

Operating Zoiper for personal use? Such cases often indicate that you may not have your headset always on. No worries, with Ring through PC speaker, you can hear that someone's calling even if you're not on the computer or use a speakerphone device!

*Just don't forget to turn the volume up to 11!

Disable DTMF sounds

Activate this option if you want to stop the softphone from playing sounds when you press the dial pad buttons. This has no effect on the DTMF being sent to the server, it just stops the local playback of the same tones.


Register callto:, sip: and tel: protocols with the OS

  • Enabling this option allows your operating system to integrate the protocol handlers right into it.

Integrate Zoiper 5 into MS Outlook

  • The Premium version of Zoiper 5 allows you to dial directly through Microsoft Outlook with our built-in add-in.

Call events options:

Enable call recording for all calls

  • Work in a customer support, a call center or service provider environment? You need to keep customer satisfaction in great quality, and even make it better? Enabling this option allows you to record all calls automatically.

Custom directory for the call records, along with a custom filename

  • Set a custom path for all your call recordings. On top of that, you can also set how the filenames of these recordings will be stored. Choose the exact order of all variables, such as year, month, day etc.

On transfer request mode

  • Got an important call and don't want to be bothered, or worst - accidentally transferred to another call? These options allow you to control precisely that - you can either make Zoiper accept or deny an incoming call transfer request.

Server-side auto answer option

  • If your office PBX or service provider supports auto answering, then you can enable this feature in the Automation settings menu.
  • *To send an accept request to Zoiper, you need to add the auto-answer header in the extensions.conf of your Asterisk.

    exten => 100,1,Dial(SIP/kbell)

    will become:
    exten => 100,1,SIPAddHeader(Call-Info:<sip: > \;answer-after=0) exten => 100,n,Dial(SIP/kbell)

    The syntax might differ if you are not using Asterisk.

Auto reject calls depending on status

  • Need some privacy when you are away from your desk, in a meeting or simply having a lunch break? Use the checkboxes to set your phone exactly the way how you'd like it to behave.

HD calls, conference, transfer, encryption - Zoiper 5 PRO