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Oreo. Nougat. Marshmallow. Kitkat.

With completely redesigned user interface, refined and updated core functions, Zoiper is here to work for you anywhere, at any time, on any network.

Incremental, but important refinements have paved the way to a faster, more efficient and easy to use app. Customization options allow for a unique personal touch when needed.

Advanced business users will be happy to find out that all their favorite functions are still here.

Call conferencing, call transfer,
video calls and more!

Available for:

Color customization options and Themes

“Be colorful with Zoiper!”
is our personal recommendation.

Now with our predefined themes, you can change your phone’s look with a few taps on the screen. For a special look and feel, you can also fully customize several UI elements individually!

*for your unique brand identity and business profile, you can always rely on our branding solutions!
Contact us here for more info.

The ultimate phone for road warriors

Softphone power in your pocket, wherever you are.

You already have an extremely capable smartphone with you, that has 100x the processing power of a classic deskphone. It also comes with high-end display, all necessary communication modules and a touch screen interface.

Why not take full advantage of all phone features in your pocket?
Now you can, with Zoiper for Android!

Automated Account creation wizard

Easy and simple, Zoiper’s new Account Creation Wizard makes tedious configurations a thing from the past.

Follow each step for a quick account setup and be ready to make calls in a jiffy! Next level automation ensures that all boxes are ticked, and no important settings are forgotten.

Set it up and start calling!

Intuitive UX design

Zoiper offers a vastly improved user experience with its new, familiar and intuitive interface. The traditionally painstaking configuration has been simplified with our auto probing configuration wizard.

Our team has put visual clarity, ease of use and immense attention to detail at the forefront of the user interface. If you have used the native Android UI/UX design and behavior, you should feel right at home. Navigation drawer is exactly where you expect it to be, along with fab buttons, contextual menus,

pop-ups and input entry fields.

Used to Android = used to Zoiper.

Audio & Video

Quality and reliability in all types of calls.

Top-notch call quality thanks to a myriad of audio and video codecs and options, ensures you always have fantastic calls! Additional options for codec priority and enabling/disabling codecs are also present.

Audio codecs:

  • Opus
    (wide, narrow, super, full)
  • uLaw and aLaw with G.711
  • Speex (wide, ultra)
  • iLBC30
  • G.722
  • G.726
  • G.729
  • GSM

Video codecs:

  • VP8
  • H.264


Is compromising your security a concern?

The new Zoiper for Android is backed by military grade encryption, baked directly in the app. Everyone should value their privacy the most, so should you!

End-to-end encrypted voice calls, video calls and messages, along with advanced settings for professional users.

  • TLS
  • ZRTP
  • SRTP

State of the art echo cancellation and noise reduction

  • Powerful computer in your pocket - check
  • Internet connection - check
  • VoIP softphone installed - check

These carefully engineered components are already in your hand. Zoiper for Android now takes full advantage of device sensors during calls, providing you with reduced noise and echo cancellation during calls.

With Zoiper for Android, you have the ability to:

  • Take your office number (and extensions) on the road
  • Do everything your old fashioned deskphone does
  • Add video, messaging, presence, native contacts integration, call recordings, wideband audio