Zoiper Translate Licensing Agreement

Registration and acceptance

The Zoiper Translate project (the “Project”) allows any willing party (“You”) to help translate the Zoiper software applications, as developed and made available for different operating system by Securax EOOD (“Zoiper”), in different languages. By registering to participate in the Project You declare to have read and understood and to accept and be legally bound by this Agreement. Any amendment to this Agreement or any other terms or conditions pertaining to the Project, your contribution or any Zoiper product shall only be binding to Zoiper if expressly agreed.

Rights Provided by Zoiper

For the purpose of your participation in the Project, Zoiper provides You with the limited right to translate the text included in the Zoiper applications or any part thereof, as well as to translate, adapt and/or modify any contributions by other Project participants or any part thereof, only to the extent to which this is necessary to enable You to provide your voluntary contribution to the Project. Apart from the rights under the previous sentence, Zoiper does not provide You or any third party any intellectual property rights or any other rights over the text subject to translation, the Zoiper applications or any part thereof, or any other rights.

Rights Provided by You

By submitting your contribution You provide Zoiper with an unlimited world-wide exclusive, assignable, sub-licensable, irrevocable and perpetual royalty-free license to include the contribution in any of its products and versions thereof, to provide it to the public by any means or process, including through distribution, communication and provision in ways that allow members of the public to access it from a place and at a time individually chosen by them, to display it on screen, to perform, transmit and store it in the memory of a device, to distribute and to modify, adapt and translate it and use it in any other way it deems necessary for its commercial activities. The provided rights pertain to the contribution as a separate creation and to any product in which they are incorporated or used in any way as per this Agreement.


You expressly declare and warrant that your provision of a contribution to the Project shall not constitute a breach of any third party’s rights and You shall defend, indemnify and hold Zoiper and its employees, officials and partners harmless of any claim, loss, cost, liability, damage or expense, including attorney’s fees, which might arise or be claimed against any of them with regard to the actual or claimed untruthfulness of this declaration.