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Supported audio codecs

Zoiper 5 supports the following audio codecs:


ITU G.711 (PCMU/PCMA) Comes in two flavors: a-law and mu-law.



ITU G.729 *

Speex (8000/16000/32000) *

G.726 *

• Opus (8000/16000/24000/48000) *


Supported video codecs: *

Zoiper 5 supports the following video codecs:




Required bandwidth

What bandwidth is required depends on what audio codec is used.
Example audio codec requirements (sending and receiving):

GSM - 13.2 Kbps (full rate)
• iLBC - 15.2 Kbps, 20ms frame size: 13.33 Kbps, 30ms frame size
• ITU G.711 (PCMU/PCMA)- 64 Kbps
ITU G.729 - 8 Kbps *
• Speex - 2.15 to 44.2 Kbps receiving and fixed to 15 Kbps when transmitting.


* Available for Zoiper 5 BIZ only.


Re-ordering of the selected codecs.

To re-order your selected codecs list go to Settings -> Accounts -> select your account and click on Advanced.

Scroll down to the codecs section and use the arrows or drag and drop to move the codec to the desired position.

Available codecs: lists all available, but currently not enabled codecs.
Enabled codecs: lists all currently enabled codecs.



Which codec will be used first?

It depends if Zoiper answers or offers the codecs. If Zoiper answers, it will always select the first supported codec from the offer. Zoiper can not force a codec selection.



If a server offers g729 and a-law in this order, Zoiper will stick to the server's choice of g729, even if a-law has higher priority in Zoiper's list.

If Zoiper offers the codecs, it will offer them in the order specified in its configuration. Still, the server can decide to enforce g729, in which case Zoiper will use it.