Ports ( on Windows Windows )

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Default ports used by Zoiper 3 are:

SIP: 5060 *
IAX2: 4569 UDP
RTP: between 32000 and 65535 UDP

STUN: 3478 UDP / TCP

* Zoiper Free runs on UDP while Zoiper Biz supports TLS over TCP and then port 5061 is used


Using custom ports for outgoing connections:

This setting is per account.

Open Settings -> Preferences-> Accounts -> select your account;

Add the port value right after the VoIP server hosthame (IP adddress) in the Domain field.


sip.example.com will become sip.example.com:6060


The same approach is to be used for configuring a custom port for the Outbound proxy




Using custom port for incoming connections:

This setting is configured globally.

Open Settings -> Preferences -> Advanced -> Network (sub-tab)

There you can configure custom ports for incoming connections for SIP, IAX2, RTP and STUN.




Using random ports:

You can configure Zoiper 3 to use random ports for listening to avoid network restrictions in certain NAT environments.


During the activation process, Zoiper BIZ will try to connect the cert server on port 443 TCP