Zoiper GOLD ( on Android Android )

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What is Zoiper GOLD?

Zoiper Gold package includes:

  • Call waiting
  • Video support
  • ZRTP with TLS *
  • Call Transfer
  • Wideband audio (G.726, Speex wide, G.722) **

* TLS is available in all versions.

** Wideband codecs are not available for IAX2 accounts.


Purchasing Zoiper Gold

You can obtain it for two Euro or more.

Start Zoiper for Android, go to Config, then scroll down to Premium features, slect your desired upgrade and proceed by following the onscreen instructions.

Restoring your Zoiper Gold purchase on your new device

When installing Zoiper on your new device, make sure that you are using the same Google account that you used for making the purchase. This is the only requirement in order for your purchased features to sync with the new device.


Open the Google Play application on your Android, then go to the menu on the left and select the account you used to make the purchase.

Then install Zoiper.

Zoiper Gold is still not available after the purchase

Open the Android settings -> Applications -> find Zoiper and select Force Close. Wait a minute or two.


In case the purchase is still not synchronized, make sure you can access https://oem.zoiper.com from your browser.


Why G.729 is not included in Zoiper Gold?

G.729 is available as a separate upgrade due to its licensing model.