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<ZDKSound> Protocol Reference

ZDK Sound description. More...

#import <ZDKSound.h>

Inheritance diagram for <ZDKSound>:

Instance Methods

(NSString *) - handlesDescription
- Instance Methods inherited from <ZDKZHandle>
(long int) - handle
(void) - initialize
(void) - releaseReference
(NSString *) - handlesDescription


long int soundHandle
 Gets the underlying sound handler ID. More...
NSString *_Nullable path
 Gets the path to the file this Sound was created from. More...
int frequency
int lengthSamples
int approximateLengthMs
int channelCount
BOOL repeat
int pause

Detailed Description

ZDK Sound description.

Method Documentation

◆ handlesDescription

- (NSString *) handlesDescription

Reimplemented from <ZDKZHandle>.

Property Documentation

◆ path

- (NSString* _Nullable) path

Gets the path to the file this Sound was created from.

The path to the sound file in case the sound is created from such, NULL otherwise.

◆ soundHandle

- (long int) soundHandle

Gets the underlying sound handler ID.

Internally assigned on successful addSound() invocation and invalidated on removeSound().

The underlying sound handler ZDKD

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