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<ZDKDNSRequestProvider> Protocol Reference

DNS resolving requests provider. More...

#import <ZDKDNSRequestProvider.h>

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Instance Methods

(id< ZDKDNSRequest >) - createDNSRequest
 Creates a new EMPTY DNS resolve requst. More...
(id< ZDKResult >) - setAdditionalNameServers:
 Sets a list with additional name servers. More...
(NSString *) - handlesDescription
- Instance Methods inherited from <ZDKZHandle>
(long int) - handle
(void) - initialize
(void) - releaseReference
(NSString *) - handlesDescription

Detailed Description

DNS resolving requests provider.

Method Documentation

◆ createDNSRequest

- (id< ZDKDNSRequest >) createDNSRequest

Creates a new EMPTY DNS resolve requst.

Empty DNS request
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◆ handlesDescription

- (NSString *) handlesDescription

Reimplemented from <ZDKZHandle>.

◆ setAdditionalNameServers:

- (id< ZDKResult >) setAdditionalNameServers: (NSArray *)  value

Sets a list with additional name servers.

Sets name servers to be used by ARES for DNS resolving in addition to the system ones. They will be added at the end of the system name servers list and be used as a fallback.

Does not overwrite the system name servers!!!

Adding additional name servers could be done at any time!

Each list with name server will override any previously set ones by this API and will reset the DNS sybsystem.

[in]valueThe additional name servers to be used
Result of the addition
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