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<ZDKAccountProviderEventsHandler> Protocol Reference
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Instance Methods

(void) - onDefaultAccountChanged:account:
 Account information and control provider. More...
(NSString *) - handlesDescription
- Instance Methods inherited from <ZDKEventHandle>
(long int) - eventHandle
(NSString *) - handlesDescription

Method Documentation

◆ handlesDescription

- (NSString *) handlesDescription

Reimplemented from <ZDKEventHandle>.

◆ onDefaultAccountChanged:account:

- (void) onDefaultAccountChanged: (id< ZDKAccountProvider >)  accountProvider
account: (id< ZDKAccount >)  account 

Account information and control provider.

Provides information on creation , destruction and configuration of user accounts.

[in]accountProviderThe account provider for which the default account has changed
[in]accountThe new default account
See also
ZDKAccount, ZDKAccountProvider

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