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ZDK_NET::Sound Class Reference

ZDK Sound description. More...

#include <Sound.h>

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Public Member Functions

 Sound (ZDK::Shared::Sound src)
virtual long long Handle () override
virtual void Initialize () override
virtual void ReleaseReference () override

Public Attributes

ZDK::ISound * cppRef = nullptr


long long SoundHandle [get]
 Gets the underlying sound handler ID. More...
System::String^ Path [get]
 Gets the path to the file this Sound was created from. More...
int Frequency [get]
int LengthSamples [get]
int ApproximateLengthMs [get]
int ChannelCount [get]
bool Repeat [get]
int Pause [get]

Detailed Description

ZDK Sound description.

Property Documentation

◆ Path

System:: String^ ZDK_NET::Sound::Path

Gets the path to the file this Sound was created from.

The path to the sound file in case the sound is created from such, NULL otherwise.

◆ SoundHandle

long long ZDK_NET::Sound::SoundHandle

Gets the underlying sound handler ID.

Internally assigned on successful AddSound() invocation and invalidated on RemoveSound().

The underlying sound handler D

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