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ZDK_NET::SIPProbeEventsHandler Class Reference

Public Member Functions

UnmanagedOnProbeErrorUnmanaged GetOnProbeError ()
void OnProbeErrorUnmanagedStub (ZDK::Shared::Account account, ZDK::ProbeState curState, ZDK::Shared::ExtendedError error)
UnmanagedOnProbeStateUnmanaged GetOnProbeState ()
void OnProbeStateUnmanagedStub (ZDK::Shared::Account account, ZDK::ProbeState newState)
UnmanagedOnProbeSuccessUnmanaged GetOnProbeSuccess ()
void OnProbeSuccessUnmanagedStub (ZDK::Shared::Account account, ZDK::TransportType transport)
UnmanagedOnProbeFailedUnmanaged GetOnProbeFailed ()
void OnProbeFailedUnmanagedStub (ZDK::Shared::Account account, ZDK::Shared::ExtendedError error)

Public Attributes

OnProbeError ^ OnProbeError = nullptr
OnProbeState ^ OnProbeState = nullptr
OnProbeSuccess ^ OnProbeSuccess = nullptr
OnProbeFailed ^ OnProbeFailed = nullptr

Static Public Attributes

static OnProbeErrorUnmanaged ^ OnProbeErrorManaged = nullptr
static OnProbeStateUnmanaged ^ OnProbeStateManaged = nullptr
static OnProbeSuccessUnmanaged ^ OnProbeSuccessManaged = nullptr
static OnProbeFailedUnmanaged ^ OnProbeFailedManaged = nullptr

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