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ZDK::IAccountEventsHandler Class Referenceabstract
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Public Member Functions

virtual void OnAccountStatusChanged (ZDK::Shared::Account account, ZDK::AccountStatus status, int statusCode)=0
 Notify upon Account status is changed. More...
virtual void OnAccountRetryingRegistration (ZDK::Shared::Account account, int isRetrying, int inSeconds)=0
 Notify upon Account is retrying registration. More...
virtual void OnAccountIncomingCall (ZDK::Shared::Account account, ZDK::Shared::Call call)=0
 Notify upon Incoming Call. More...
virtual void OnAccountChatMessageReceived (ZDK::Shared::Account account, ZDK::Shared::String pPeer, ZDK::Shared::String pContent)=0
 Notify upon Chat message was received. More...
virtual void OnAccountPushTokenReceived (ZDK::Shared::Account account, ZDK::Shared::String pushToken)=0
 Notify upon push token is received. More...
virtual void OnAccountExtendedError (ZDK::Shared::Account account, ZDK::Shared::ExtendedError error)=0
 Notify upon account extended error occurs. More...
virtual void OnAccountUserSipOutboundMissing (ZDK::Shared::Account account)=0
 Warning for missing SIP Outbound support at the server. More...
virtual void OnAccountFileTransferRequested (ZDK::Shared::Account account, ZDK::Shared::FileTransfer TransferHandler, ZDK::Shared::String FromPhone, ZDK::Shared::String FromtName, ZDK::Shared::String FromURI, ZDK::Shared::String FileName, int Size, ZDK::Shared::String FileType, unsigned char *digest)=0
virtual void OnAccountCallOwnershipChanged (ZDK::Shared::Account account, ZDK::Shared::Call call, ZDK::OwnershipChange action)=0
 Notify upon call ownership changed. More...
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virtual ZDK::ZDKHandle EventHandle ()=0

Member Function Documentation

◆ OnAccountCallOwnershipChanged()

virtual void ZDK::IAccountEventsHandler::OnAccountCallOwnershipChanged ( ZDK::Shared::Account  account,
ZDK::Shared::Call  call,
ZDK::OwnershipChange  action 
pure virtual

Notify upon call ownership changed.

Providing information upon call ownership change.

The OwnershipChange objects holds the information if the call is Relieved or Acquired.

[in]accountAccount whose call ownership is changed
[in]callThe call which ownership is changed
[in]OwnershipChangeThe type of change that is happend ( Relieve,Acquired or NA)
See also
IAccount, ICall, IOwnershipChange

◆ OnAccountChatMessageReceived()

virtual void ZDK::IAccountEventsHandler::OnAccountChatMessageReceived ( ZDK::Shared::Account  account,
ZDK::Shared::String  pPeer,
ZDK::Shared::String  pContent 
pure virtual

Notify upon Chat message was received.

Notify upon Chat message was received , provides the sender and the content of the message

[in]accountAccount that receives the message
[in]pPeerThe message sender
[in]pContentContents of the message
See also

◆ OnAccountExtendedError()

virtual void ZDK::IAccountEventsHandler::OnAccountExtendedError ( ZDK::Shared::Account  account,
ZDK::Shared::ExtendedError  error 
pure virtual

Notify upon account extended error occurs.

Event fired when extended error in account occurs, providing detailed information for the error in the ExtendedError object.

[in]accountAccount that received the error
[in]errorThe error object that provides full information regarding the error
See also
IAccount, IExtendedError

◆ OnAccountIncomingCall()

virtual void ZDK::IAccountEventsHandler::OnAccountIncomingCall ( ZDK::Shared::Account  account,
ZDK::Shared::Call  call 
pure virtual

Notify upon Incoming Call.

Notification for incoming call

[in]accountAccount that receives the call
[in]callThe call object holding handle to the incoming call
See also
IAccount, ICall

◆ OnAccountPushTokenReceived()

virtual void ZDK::IAccountEventsHandler::OnAccountPushTokenReceived ( ZDK::Shared::Account  account,
ZDK::Shared::String  pushToken 
pure virtual

Notify upon push token is received.

The push token has been successfully sent to the service and it has sent a confirmation.

[in]accountAccount that received the push token
[in]pushTokenThe push token
See also

◆ OnAccountRetryingRegistration()

virtual void ZDK::IAccountEventsHandler::OnAccountRetryingRegistration ( ZDK::Shared::Account  account,
int  isRetrying,
int  inSeconds 
pure virtual

Notify upon Account is retrying registration.

Registration or unregistration is going to be retried automatically

[in]accountAccount object of the account which registration is retrying
[in]isRetryingGives information if the event is register or unregister 1 = registering, 0 = unregistering
[in]inSecondsThe (un)registration will be retried in this many seconds approximately (the event could have been in the queue for unknown period already)
See also

◆ OnAccountStatusChanged()

virtual void ZDK::IAccountEventsHandler::OnAccountStatusChanged ( ZDK::Shared::Account  account,
ZDK::AccountStatus  status,
int  statusCode 
pure virtual

Notify upon Account status is changed.

Notify upon Account status is changed, provide which account and the status it is changed to.

[in]accountThe account which status is changed
[in]statusWhat status the account is changed to
[in]statusCodeThe status representation as integer
See also
IAccount , IAccountStatus

◆ OnAccountUserSipOutboundMissing()

virtual void ZDK::IAccountEventsHandler::OnAccountUserSipOutboundMissing ( ZDK::Shared::Account  account)
pure virtual

Warning for missing SIP Outbound support at the server.

Happens when there is a SIP account with SIP Outbound enabled but the server rejects the registrations with the error code 439, usually with the text "First Hop Lacks Outbound Support".

The full error information is passed in the registration error failure as usual. This event is pushed immediately after the registration failure event.

The library will NOT alter its configuration automatically but if this behavior is desired the API user can just do the needed reconfiguration in this callback and issue a new RegisterUser() request afterwards for immediate retry.

[in]accountThe user which got the registration error
See also
IAccount, IExtendedError

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