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ZDK::Factory Class Reference

ZDK's main object factory. More...

#include <Factory.h>

Static Public Member Functions

static ZDK_API ZDK::Shared::Context ContextInstance ()
 Gets the ZDK's context - the main entry point. More...
static ZDK_API ZDK::Shared::String String (const char *c_str=nullptr, int size=0)
 Creates a new string. More...
template<typename T >
static ZDK_API ZDK::Shared::ItemList< T > CreateList ()
 Creates an empty item list of type T. More...

Detailed Description

ZDK's main object factory.

Used to create the major ZDK's types of objects

Member Function Documentation

◆ ContextInstance()

static ZDK_API ZDK::Shared::Context ZDK::Factory::ContextInstance ( )

Gets the ZDK's context - the main entry point.

Only a single instance of the Context is created and returned during the life time of the library.

The ZDK's Context instance
See also

◆ CreateList()

template<typename T >
static ZDK_API ZDK::Shared::ItemList<T> ZDK::Factory::CreateList ( )

Creates an empty item list of type T.

The newly created item list

◆ String()

static ZDK_API ZDK::Shared::String ZDK::Factory::String ( const char *  c_str = nullptr,
int  size = 0 

Creates a new string.

[in]c_strPointer to the char buffer from which the string to be created
[in]sizeThe lenght of the provided char buffer
The newly created string

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