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Provisioning Zoiper with QR code from OEM

QR code generation from Zoiper’s OEM portal


Want to generate a QR code to make your clients use an easy account configuration in Zoiper for Android & iOS?

Here's how.


After you have a successful free registration at Zoiper’s OEM portal (, you can login and make a configuration.


QR codes on Zoiper's OEM portal


Zoiper on Android and iPhone devices possesses the functionality to automatically create and configure SIP or IAX accounts.


This automatic configuration can be done by using Zoiper's QR scan tool to scan a QR code (image).


Zoiper’s OEM portal ( provides QR codes and back-end functionality, necessary for Zoiper's configuration.


  • The Softphone settings can be configured in the OEM portal by clicking on the corresponding "Configure" button at which leads to:


  • To get to the page for displaying QR codes, click the "View" button at and then on the "here" link, which leads to similar URL:


To access the instructions on how to use Zoiper’s OEM, or make your own page for instructions, click View on the Mobile options in the Softphones section.


Easy configuration for your customers!

Send the link to end user(s) so they can scan the QR codes and/or follow instructions on the page.


A QR code expires 48 hours after it was created.


Contact us at if your project requires the possibility for multiple QR code scans, or if you have other questions.