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Use Zoiper5 with multiple output devices (Headset + Speakers)

Zoiper5 can be set on the fly to switch between your headset or speaker devices. You can also choose custom device for ringing.

For this tutorial, as reference we will use:


  1. Jabra Speak 510 USB speaker that also has built-in microphone.



  2. Generic Plantronics 3.5 mm. Jack based headset connected to the front jacks of our computer with Realtek High Definition Audio.


  3. Our PC's display also has speakers and is connected through HDMI cable. In Zoiper it is named as BenQ GW2470(Intel(R) Display Audio).


In our scenario we want to make the display(BenQ GW2470) our ringing device, the Jabra speaker our "Speaker" device and the Plantronics headset set as headset device, between which we can switch on the fly whenever we need.


To do so, we need Zoiper5 PRO


After you have installed and set your account with Zoiper5, you need to go at "Settings".


Then select "Audio devices" as shown below.



You will see the configuration menu from where you can set your custom "Input/ Output" devices(used usually for headset), your "Input/ Output Speaker" devices (used usually for external speakers) and the "Ringing Device".

(Note that on some computers due to hardware limitations, if you have connected multiple 3.5mm. Jack based devices you will be unable to use them separately.)




You can select your devices by using the drop-down lists on the right side.




Repeat the same for the microphone of your headset and "Input/ Output" devices for your speakers, so as select your "Ringing" device. In our case everything looks like that:



You can also check your audio configuration or set your Output volume or microphone sensitivity by clicking on the arrows next to the drop-down lists:


1. Select your the arrow next to the Output of your headset for example


2. You should see something like this



Using the slider you can change your volume or hear if you have selected the proper device. If everything is OK, just press the "OK" button.

Now, do the same for the microphone: 



To test if your microphone is working properly, try speaking or tapping on it and check if the graph/ indicator is moving in accordance to your voice or taps. If not, change the device or check if it is properly connected and recognized by your operating system. 

Repeat this procedure for all devices which you have set. 

Testing the "Ringing device" will play ringtone.


If everything is set, you can click the "X" button on the left panel to return to the main Zoiper window. 


You can now make your first call. 

When you are in active call and you want to switch from using your headset for example to the external speaker (In our case the Jabra), if you are in a conference or you need to get away from your desk for example, you need to press on the "Speaker " button as shown below:



Do you know that you can also control your in-call volume levels by using the "Volume controls" in the main Zoiper panel as shown below: