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Zoiper5 command line parameters and silent install



Zoiper [--show] [--uac <str>] [--dial <str>] [--hang <str>] [--config-path <str>] [--help] [--testing] [--no-sandbox] [phone number to be dialed...]

--show restores the phone if it was minimized
--uac=<str> runs the app into UAC mode to apply restricted options
--dial=<str> dials the specified phone number
--hang=<str> if the value is : all - it will end all calls; current - it will end the active call
--config-path=<str> changes the default configuration path
--help prints the command line help


For mass deployment(silent installation) you can run the Zoiper installer with the " --mode unattended " command line parameter.

To activate Zoiper you can use:

Windows and Linux:

"\pathToZoiper5\Zoiper5" --activation-username=arg --activation-password=arg




Change the working directory from the terminal (cd) to:

 /Applications/ Helper (Renderer).app/Contents/MacOS

Then execute:

./zoiper\ Helper\ \(Renderer\) --activation-username=your_username --activation-password=your_password



Note, after you activate Zoiper it will not launch automatically.