Troubleshooting ( on Windows Windows )

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If you are a Zoiper Biz user, contact us by email to log your request in our RT system.

Your request will create a new ticket in our RT system and you will receive an auto-response.

In case you need to add more information to the newly created ticket, just hit the reply button.


NoteEach email you send opens a new, separate ticket. In case there are more than one tickets, we would need to merge the cases and the investigation will start over.


Zoiper Community edition users are welcome to share their questions with the Zoiper Support Community.



Zoiper 3.13 and above users experiencing no audio issues:

Run Zoiper, go to Settings -> Preferences -> Audio -> Disable "Use WASAPI" -> then go to the "Device" sub-tab and disable "Use Generic HID" -> click "OK" and restart Zoiper.

Go to Settings again -> Audio Wizard and check if you are able to hear the test sound.


Note that Zoiper is not controlled remotely. If your initial setup have been working as expected for the time prior to the issues, and then a problem suddenly appeared, the most probable cause for it would be a network change, a change on the server-side or some other change in your environment.


Our Support and QA engineers would require some specific details to be able to assist you in the investigation.


Required details

  • What is the exact operating system on the affected device?
    • Is it Windows, Mac OS X or Linux?
  • Are there any specific facts about your environment / setup? *
    • Are you using a domain controller, VPN or remote connection, specific hardware, SSD or external hard drives, RAID?
    • In case the issue is experienced while using a USB audio device, we would need its exact make and model.
    • If the issue appears while using certain third-party software, we would need its exact version.
  • Which email address did you use to purchase your Zoiper BIZ/Premium product?
  • Which is the exact version of Zoiper that you are using?
    • Obtain this information from Zoiper's "about" screen.
  • In case you are experiencing the issue with a VoIP account, we would need more details like:
    • Do you have access to your VoIP server, or did you get your account from a VoIP provider?
      • If using accounts provided by a VoIP provider, which one is it?
      • If using your own VoIP server - what is it?
    • What type of Voip account are you using?
      • Is it SIP or IAX2? Obtain this information from your VoIP provider or system administrator.
  • If your report is concerning audio related issues - what audio codecs are you using?
  • Are you able to recreate the issue every time you try?
  • Is it the first time when the issue appears?
  • Does it appear under certain conditions?
  • What are the exact steps to recreate the issue? Send us all details.
    • What did you do and what did you expect to happen? Our QA team would need them for the lab tests.

* Note: Zoiper team could not guarantee 100% compatibility with any third party hardware or software products.


Debug information

Also, our QA and Support engineers would ask for a set of log files.


In case Zoiper is crashing or freezing, we will ask you to collect a debug log and crash dumps.
You may need to enable the debug logger manually.