Click 2 Dial ( on Common Common )

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What is Click 2 Dial?

Clich 2 Dial is a web browser plugin that converts the phone numbers on a website into clickable links.

When such a link is clicked, Zoiper will start and dial the number.


Is it supported by all Zoiper products?

Click2Dial is not available for all Zoiper products. At the moment it is supported only by Zoiper 3.

 Click 2 Dial is a BIZ feature. It is not available for Zoiper Free


Which browser are supported?

Depending on the operating system, supported are Safari, Opera, Firefox, Chrome, IE


Will all phone numbers be recognized?

Numbers composed properly look like this:

+44 154 22 2 3345
+(44)1480 854 383
+49 7246 / 70 53 2522



As support for this feature depends on the product and the operating system, you would need to visit one of the links below:

Click2Dial with Zoiper 3

Click2Dial with Zoiper 5