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    € 49.95 Business functionality for the power user

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    • Basic functionality
    • Auto Provisioning
    • Contacts integration (outlook, ldap, thunderbird, mac osx, windows)
    • Browser integration (click to dial, open url,)
    • Better quality / Lower bandwidth (g729 / h264 codecs)
    • Business features (transfer, conferencing)
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    Installation instructions
    • Download instructions - step 1
      1. Run the Zoiper 2.0 Setup application

      A window will open asking what you want to do with a file called ZoiperFreeInstaller.exe. Click 'Save File'.
    • Download instructions - step 2
      2. Follow the Setup Wizard

      When the download is done, click on the ZoiperFreeInstaller.exe file from the Mozilla Downloads window to open the Zoiper 2.0 Setup application.

      (Alternatively, you could open it directly from the location you saved it which is typically your desktop.)

      The Zoiper 2.0 Setup Wizard will appear and guide you through the rest of the installation.
    • Download instructions - step 3
      3. Start Zoiper 2.0

      After the installation has completed, you can open Zoiper 2.0 by clicking on the icon on your desktop or by click on the windows Start button -> All programs -> Attractel -> Zoiper -> Zoiper Free.

      When zoiper is running an extra icon will be added to your tray icons, right clicking will provide you with some more options.
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Want something tailor-made ?

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  • Promote your corporate identity - get it with your name, logo and colors?
  • Or maybe you want to change the shape an behaviour as well?
  • Add / Change or Remove functionality?
  • Want to embed a browser?
  • Add a signup wizard for your service?
  • Lock down the softphone for your agents?
  • We can do anything you can dream of, on all platforms.
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Prices start from 1299$ per operating system.
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