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ZDK::IMessageEventsHandler Class Referenceabstract
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Public Member Functions

virtual void OnMessageStatusChanged (ZDK::Shared::Message msg, ZDK::MessageStatus status)=0
 Notify Message's status changed. More...
virtual void OnMessageExtendedError (ZDK::Shared::Message msg, ZDK::Shared::ExtendedError error)=0
 Notify Message error occured. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from ZDK::IEventHandle
virtual ZDK::ZDKHandle EventHandle ()=0

Member Function Documentation

◆ OnMessageExtendedError()

virtual void ZDK::IMessageEventsHandler::OnMessageExtendedError ( ZDK::Shared::Message  msg,
ZDK::Shared::ExtendedError  error 
pure virtual

Notify Message error occured.

Notify Message error occured

[in]msgThe message that experienced the error
[in]errorThe error that occured
See also
IMessage, IMessageStatus

◆ OnMessageStatusChanged()

virtual void ZDK::IMessageEventsHandler::OnMessageStatusChanged ( ZDK::Shared::Message  msg,
ZDK::MessageStatus  status 
pure virtual

Notify Message's status changed.

Notify upon message status is changed

[in]msgThe message which status is changed
[in]statusThe new message status
See also
IMessage, IMessageStatus

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